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Welcome, User! Tell us about you

because there is a spam-user wave hitting the server daily, new users are not allowed to post new threads until I consider them real and serious. But you are allowed to respond to a thread. 
Please use this thread to tell us who you are and why you are interested to join the forum. 

Hi Kai and Nicole,

Been following Nicole's work for a few years. Think I initially started falling down the rabbit hole due to some talks by Vinay Gupta, and then I read David Fleming's Lean Logic from which there was no coming back. Nicole's articles in the 2017 TAE primer helped give me a grounding to get a better understanding of the financial system. In a previous life, I was an engineer. Currently working in the smart contracts space because it has some potential to disrupt the ground rules for capitalism. I also follow the energy world closely due to how inter-related it is with the continuation of growth.

Great to see that Nicole has created this site and forum. It feels... timely. Guess I've joined because I think that the dissemination of this type of knowledge, moving the Overton Window of Acceptable Discourse, etc, can start to have an effect on conversations and (eventually) society.

Hello Dizzily,

Welcome! You are the first registered user so far Smile

Cheers Kai

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